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Monday, December 29, 2008

Improve performance of JAX-WS

JAX-WS comes with JaXB. The raw SOAP packet does not come to the web service consumer, instead they get unmarshalled to the Java Objects by the JAX-WS runtime engines.
Lot of time it is however better not to convert the payload of the SOAP packet i.e. the XML to the java objects. Think of a situation where we are getting one XML and we are going to use that XML to another web service. This happens in case of SOA environment, where we talk to one web service, get some data and we pass that to another web service. If we are converting the received XML to another XML only then we should try to avoid the JAXB layer.
Lets consider the steps involved if we have the JAXB layer -

Response SOAP --> Response Object --> transferred to another object --> Send to another Web Service

Instead if we remove the XML to Object layer, it becomes -

Response SOAP --> XSLT transfer to another XML format and send to another web service. This is faster, only pain point is - we need to work with RAW XML like using StaX API instead of using the Objects of JaXB.

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