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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EJBHome and EJBObject are missing in EJB3.0

Programmers when migrate from EJB 2 to EJB 3, get their first doubt around the fact that EJB 3 does not need any HOME interface or EJBObject interface.
Why does EJB 3 do not need these interfaces ?

Home interface is nothing but serves as a "factory" for creating references to the remote EJB Object. Home interface was same for stateless session beans and message driven beans as they are initialized in a similar way. In case of stateful session bean, the home interface used to take an argument which used to take parameters to initialized the states. This is a programming practice and in case of EJB 3, you achieve the same thing by "setting the states" on the bean using some setter methods. Thus we can actually remove the home interface all together and get the handle of the remote business interface directly as we do in case of EJB3.

EJBobject interface was required to provide a client view of the EJB. Container used to provide implementation of this interface and container used this EJBObject interface as a nice hook for invoking container provided services like transaction, security etc. Fortunately the EJB containters in EJB 3 have made this more behind the scene and they actually do not depend upon an extra interface , rather they implement the Business interface and provide the same container services between the business interfaces and the bean object.

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