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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Httpsession Vs Stateful Session Bean

This is an interesting topic and many people have talked about it and wrote in internet. As far as I understood is that - httpsession is an wonderful mechanism to track client's state (you can even get the callback functionality through HttpSessionBindingListener), its easy to use and faster to implement. Whereas Stateful session bean comes with some overhead (its known that Stateful Session beans are heavier than Stateless session bean, though I think newer EJB specifications are going to change those perceptions), httpsession is much an immediate solution.
Think of the use case that if all the clients of your business layer are coming through WEB, its safer to implement stateful-ness through httpsession. But what if there are other clients as well - like Plain Java Swing based clients, WAP enabled phones etc are also your client of the business layer and then it makes clear sense to adopt Stateful Session bean rather than tracking states through Stateful session beans.

Tracking states through httpsession is a presentation layer trick , whereas tracking states through session beans is a business layer trick. If we keep this in mind it will be easier for us to choose one or the other depending our use-case.

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