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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sequence Diagram - when and why

Even till recent past, I was not a fan of Sequence Diagram. I always thought if I have proper class diagram and have a fair idea on the "Use Case", I do not really need to draw a Sequence Diagram.
Its only recently I discovered that if I draw sequence diagram of a system, sometimes its become very clear which are the "chatty-interfaces". This in turn can help us to improve performance by reducing "round-trips". If we draw a sequence diagram, the interactions between the components get clear which sometimes lead to identification of "chatty-interfaces". This might sound obvious that we know how many times we are sending requests to database or webservices and the request is going over the network, but in a complex application, it might not be very straight forward. It becomes very easy to see how many times we are going across network if we draw the sequence diagram. This in turn can help us to improve the design by introducing "Caching" and reducing round-trips across networks.

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